• Appearance: Box Shape
  • Built-in Or External Battery: Built-in
  • Short-circuit Protection Function: Yes
  • Overheating Protection Function: Yes
  • Low Voltage Alarm Function: Yes
  • Atomizers Identification Function: Yes
  • Nominal Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Compatible Model: violon 80w kit
  • Model Number: violon 80w kit
  • USB Charger: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradeable: No
  • Display screen: Yes
  • Type: Others
  • Brand Name: SUB TWO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Power: Adjustable 20/40/80W
  • Atomizer Coil Resistance: 0.35ohm
  • Atomizer capacity: 2.0ml
  • Vapor Hookah Pod: Smoke Vaper kit
  • Electronic Vaper 80w: Smoke Pen
  • Electronic Vaper: electronic cigar

NEW violon 80w electronic cigarette 2200mAh Built-in Battery vape with 2.0ml tank Vaporizer hookah vape pen kit


Tips:Dear friends, please charge the product for 2-3 hours after receiving it, and then turn it on to use it.
How to use the product:
1. Press the switch button 5 times to turn the product on or off (for all e-cigarette products)
2. After turning on the product, you can adjust the function and gear position by pressing the button.


1.Color: Black, Red, Siver
2.Thread: 510
3.Atomizer Coil Resistance: 0.35ohm
4.Atomizer Capacity: 2ml
5.Power Range: Adjustable 20/40/80W
6.Battery: 2200mAh Built-in Battery

1* violon80W Box Mod with battery
1* violon80 Original Atomizer
1* usb charger
1* Gift Box
1* manual

Product usage steps
1. Adding Tobacco Tar(place it for 5-10 minutes after adding oil, then puton the battery touse, therwise the atomizing core would dry burn)
2. Starting up(Press power button 5 times in rapid succession)
3. Press the button to smoke (When smoking, press the button when stop smoking, release the button)

Shifting gear method
Power on/off by pressing power key 5 times quickly; Three gears(20W,40W, 80W);
Corresponding indicator light is on by pressing the key 3times quickly, Every time you press the key 3 times correspond to differentgear position light.

How to Add Tobacco Tar and replacing atomizer core
1. unscrew the base anticlockwise
2. unscrew the atomizing core anticlockwise, then change it(please tighten the core)
3. unscrew the base anticlockwise,Add the oil along the side wall

Charging method:
USB cable is connected to USB interf ace for charging.
All of red light and purple light means charging.
Blue light means closing to full power and when the bluelight is off, it means full charge.

1.Clean the accumulated liquid or condensate timely
2.Do not dry burn when not smoking ( Do not holdthe switch while not smoking, it would lead to oil spills)
3.The main performance of atomizing core burning outa. smell burnt, Hot throatb. Press the power button, the atomizing core turns redc. An obvious reduction in smog is also possible


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